Food Tourism Conference to Come to Providence

Apr 1, 2013

The nation’s first Food Tourism Conference is coming to Providence thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign which reached its goal of $12,000 over the past weekend.

Seth Resler is a foodie, and he believes there are many others out there like him. 

That’s the idea behind the first Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference. 

Resler, who has produced a number of food-related events, believes that there is a large number of people who base a major part of their vacation planning on where and what they will eat.

With this conference, Relser hopes to introduce people to the wide culinary array New England has to offer.

“So this is sort of a starting point—are you looking for some new places to explore the cuisine?  And then once you come here you gonna go ‘oh I never thought about going to such and such a place.’  I think that’s what we’re trying to give to people, is that moment where they go, ‘I never knew that existed.’”

The Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference will be held in Providence in September.

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