Forecasters: get the shovels ready

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island is bracing for a major winter storm. The National Weather Service is predicting up to 18 inches by tomorrow night.

The state Department of Transportation is asking for the public's cooperation to clear the roads.

The timing of the storm couldn't be worse. The state Transportation Department expects the heaviest snowfall to occur between four am and eight a-m tomorrow - at the height of morning rush hour.

Paul Annarummo, administrator of the state's highways and bridges, says citizens can help with the job of plowing by staying off the roads.

"If you don't have to be on the road please don't drive," Annarumo says. "If you do have to be on the road use extreme caution and if you should happen to see our plows on the street please stay behind them. It's the safest place to be."

Annarummo says the state has 120 of its own trucks and 400 privately owned plows ready to roll. They'll be loaded and pre-positioned at nine o'clock tonight.

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