Former AG Patrick Lynch: Smiley Offers "A Bright Future For Providence"

Sep 16, 2013

Former attorney general Patrick C. Lynch, who now heads a legal and lobbying practice in Providence, is putting his support behind Brett Smiley's campaign to be the next mayor of Providence.

In a pitch via email -- subject lined "A Bright Future For Providence," Lynch praises Smiley and invites supporters to attend a fundraiser for the mayoral hopeful this Thursday, September 19th at Lynch's office (contribution levels: $150 to $1,000).

Lynch says he's worked closely with Smiley, adding, "he has the business and financial acumen that will serve the City well. Just as importantly, he possesses the management and team-building skills that are so critical to success in a chief executive office."

As someone who has worked with both Mayor Cicilline and Mayor Taveras, while growing a successful business, I am confident that Brett can hit the ground running and bring the new energy needed to lead Providence to a bright future. Brett will build on the solid foundation established by Mayor Taveras to ensure that Providence meets its tremendous potential through a concentrated focus on economic growth. You can learn more about Brett by visiting his website,

As Chair of the Providence Water Supply Board, Brett has demonstrated the kind of innovative, future-oriented thinking we need in the next Mayor.  One of his many accomplishments as Chair includes devising an innovative proposal to regionalize the governance of our state water supply, based on the economies of scale required to upgrade essential infrastructure and safeguard our drinking water for the long term.

Lynch served two terms as AG after first winning office in 2002. He launched a campaign for governor in 2010, but later pulled out and threw his support to Frank Caprio.

Smiley is among the Democrats seeking to succeed Angel Taveras, on the expectation that Taveras will run for governor next year. The other Dems include City Council President Michael Solomon and law school professor Jorge Elorza. (Republican Daniel Harrop is also running.)