Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau May See Prison Release

Feb 27, 2014

Former Central Falls mayor Charles Moreau could find himself a free man as early  as Friday, despite his conviction for corruption.  A ruling in another case has through his conviction into question because he guilty to taking a gratuity.

Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Moreau was convicted of bribery, and has served 13 months of his 2-year sentence in a Maryland federal prison.  Since his conviction, a federal appeals court has ruled in an unrelated case involving a businessman and a legislator in Puerto Rico.  That ruling said federal law does not "criminalize gratuities," and dismissed the charges against both men.

In return for his early prison release, Moreau is expected to plead guilty Friday before Federal Judge Jack McConnell in Providence.  Under the plea arrangement, Moreau will spend the next three years on probation.

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