Former Central Falls mayor sentenced to 2 years in prison

Feb 12, 2013

Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau on his way to getting sentenced to two years in prison
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Former Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau has been sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay a $25,000 fine for accepting gifts from a man who received lucrative city contracts.  Moreau will leave behind a wife and two young sons when he reports to prison March 4th.

Charles Moreau’s hands trembled as Judge Jack McConnell handed down his sentence: 24 months in a federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release and a hefty fine.  

Moreau pled guilty to federal corruption charges in September for accepting home improvement gifts from a friend who was rewarded with the city’s board up contract on foreclosed properties.  Moreau apologized in court and then again later on the courthouse steps.

“I did hurt the people of Central Falls and the reputation of the city and I apologize. I apologized last time I was here. I apologize again here,” says Moreau.

The real losers, he says, will be his five and eight year old sons, “ya know it’s not about me. It’s about my children. That’s the most disappointing thing. I won’t be around with my children.”

The man who corrupted Moreau dodged jail time, but not punishment. Judge Jack McConnell sentenced Michael Bouthillette to three years of probation. During that time he must perform at least 2,000 hours of community service. That’s the equivalent of a year’s work.  Bouthilette was also ordered to pay $166,000 to the Rhode Island Foundation for the establishment of a charitable fund for Central Falls residents. 

In handing down the sentence Judge McConnell said the corruption never seems to stop in Rhode Island so a loud and clear message needs to go out.

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