Former HHS Secretary's numbers don't match up

Providence, RI – Rhode Island's former Secretary of Health and Human Services is making claims about the state's Global Medicaid Waiver that Rhode Island officials can't verify.

An online report authored by Gary Alexander claims that Rhode Island's changes to the state's Medicaid program saved more than 100 million dollars over 18 months.

But officials at the Department of Human Services say they don't know where that data came from. In fact, state officials say they're still calculating those savings and don't have a concrete number.

Alexander's report appeared on the website of the Galen Institute- a free market think tank that advocates for the repeal of the nation's health care overhaul.

The article originally featured the Rhode Island State seal on every page- a move DHS says wasn't approved through official channels. The seal has since been removed.

Alexander is a nominee for Pennsylvania's Secretary of Public Welfare. He could not be reached for comment, but a spokesman for the Keystone State says Alexander based his report on Rhode Island state documents.

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Read Gary Alexander's report here

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