Fox campaign says Binder failed to report TV ad expenses

Oct 31, 2012

House Speaker Gordon Fox’s campaign filed a complaint today with the state Board of Elections, asserting that independent challenger Mark Binder violated a campaign finance statute by failing to report in a filing this week $2000 in television advertising expenses.

Binder spokesman Peter Kerwin is looking into the complaint following a call from RIPR. I’ll post his response when he gets back to me. says Binder forgot to report the expense and has filed an amended report with the Board of Elections. “There was no effort to hide this [cost],” Kerwin says, since it has been reported by the Providence Journal.

Kerwin says the complaint is typical of what he calls Fox’s tactics of intimidation. “We’re focused on the real issues,” he says, including 38 Studios and the ProJo’s report today that Fox had performed legal work for the Providence Economic Development Partnership. 

Here’s how Fox’s campaign describes the situation: 

On October 16, R.J. LaChance Advertising bought $2,000 worth of ads with Cox Cable on behalf of the Binder campaign, yet when Binder filed his campaign finance report Tuesday, he failed to report expenditures related to placing the buy with Cox Cable. Binder’s campaign finance report also did not include any expenses related to the production of the TV ad. 

“These commercials do not produce themselves,” said Bill Fischer, spokesperson for the Gordon Fox campaign. “Clearly there are individuals providing services to the Binder campaign that exceed contribution limits of $1,000. We believe this is being done purposefully and in a coordinated fashion. We know that when candidates buy TV time, they have to pay for it at the time of placement. Purchases were made October 16 that Mr. Binder refuses to account for. At this point Mr. Binder has committed a series of campaign finance violations, all while campaigning on a ‘reform’ platform – the hypocrisy speaks for itself.”

As Fischer notes, a controversial recent radio ad in support of Binder’s campaign features the voice of Rob LaChance, who it says is the head of ”R.J. LaChance Advertising, the same agency that purchased the TV advertising for the Binder campaign.”