Fox speaks out against Chafee's tax plan

Providence, RI – House Speaker Gordon Fox has come out against Governor Lincoln Chafee's sales tax plan. In a written statement, Fox calls the plan unacceptable, and says the legislature will not pass it. Particularly offensive, says Fox, is the proposal's call for a 1 percent tax on home heating oil. Fox's statement follows a hearing yesterday in which more than 100 people testified against the governor's plan. They included Finance Committee member Jan Malik, who warned that the 1 percent tax could go up over time. "Once we implement it, I hate to tell you, we got ya," he said. "We got ya, and that tax could go up eventually someday to seven percent."

Administration officials defended Chafee's plan saying it will create $164 million in new revenue for the state. Chafee says he looks forward to working with Fox and other legislative leaders to craft a budget that is fiscally responsible and puts the state on a path to prosperity.

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