Friday is 'Match Day' for the Nation's Future Doctors

Mar 12, 2013

Credit Pi., Leiden, Holland / Wikimedia Commons

This Friday at 1:00 pm EDT, more than 17,000 U.S. medical school seniors and another 16,000 other applicants (internationals, etc.) find out where they'll train as residents for the next several years of their lives.

Lots of medical schools, including Brown University here in Providence, make Match Day a big deal, a celebrated rite of passage. And it is a big deal, partly because it's incredibly competitive in terms of whether you get your first choice, partly because there aren't enough residency slots to go around (thanks, in part, to the cap on residency slots that's been in place since the late '90s), and partly because residents tend to stay where they train for much of the rest of their professional careers.

The National Residency Match Program manages the process, which uses a complex "matching" algorithm based on some Nobel Prize-winning research.

It should be interesting to see how many residents choose primary care and other specialties facing shortages