Gemma rolls out jobs plan

Providence, RI – Democratic candidate for the First Congressional District, Anthony Gemma unvield his plan Wednesday to turn Rhode Island into a healthcare industry leader. At the event in Pawtucket, Gemma pledged to create 10,000 jobs in five years

With Slater Mill in the background, Gemma told the group of mostly reporters and supporters that if elected to Congress he would focus on turning Rhode Island into the nation's wellness capital.

The plan requires a group effort by the state's top elected officials, says Gemma.

"I'm saying I'm putting forth one vialble option, I'm willing to stand forth and be the leader if that's what people chose for me to be," says Gemma. "But I want to be one seat at the table, and it's a round table for everyone to move forward to correct the jobless problem we have right now in Rhode Island immediately."

Gemma is one of four Democrats running for the First Congressional District. He trails Providence Mayor David Cicilline and former Democratic Party Chairman Bill Lynch in the polls.