General Assembly outlines priorities

Jan 2, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) House Speaker Gordon Fox says the time has come for the state Senate to pass a same-sex marriage bill.

Fox, who is openly gay, was joined by his partner as he received the oath of office Tuesday for another term as House speaker.

Fox says Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed hasn’t given him any assurances about the fate of same-sex marriage bill. He says he hopes this is the year for the legislation to move forward.

“Well, I’m hoping for a positive. I mean, it’s the type of thing where someone asked me about it earlier, my advice to the Senate is, get it done. It’s time.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected for the first time to vote this year on a same-sex marriage bill. The outlook for the legislation remains unclear.

General Assembly leaders also say they plan to focus on trying to improve Rhode Island’s underperforming economy in the new legislative session.

House Speaker Gordon Fox says elected officials need to do more to move the state forward even if they’ve made mistakes in the past. He made this oblique reference to the state’s disastrous investment in the failed video game company 38 Studios.

"It didn't work, apologize, but don't stop from keep pushing, from keep trying."

It means you try a little harder, you do a little different.”

Fox says state reps will look at reshaping the state economic development agency and hold an economic conference later this month. Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed has also signaled a great focus on trying to boost the economy.

Fox and Paiva Weed each easily won re-election to their leadership posts Tuesday.

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