General Assembly Races Through A Flurry Of Legislation As Session Draws To Close

Jun 19, 2014

The House and Senate passed scores of bills Wednesday as the General Assembly raced to finish its session. The measures moving forward include the repeal of the master lever.

The Rhode Island Statehouse

The state Senate voted to eliminate the master lever, 34 to 3, starting next year. The measure still faces approval in the House, which has already supported a similar move to repeal single-party voting. On a lighter note, the House again approved a bill to make calamari the official state appetizer. Warwick Representative Joe Trillo said he thinks the bill’s sponsor, Joseph McNamara, has a good idea for promoting Rhode Island.

“I was in Florida this winter and had an opportunity to go to a very nice restaurant, and on the menu it said, 'Rhode Island calamari,' so I think maybe Rep McNamara may be on to something with this," said Trillo.

The calamari bill died last year in the Senate, but is slated for a Senate hearing Thursday. In other news, the House approved bill to prepare the state for climate change and to raise the minimum wage from 8 to 9 dollars starting in January. Those measures will soon go to the governor’s desk.

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