General Assembly Web Site Adds Streaming Video

Mar 20, 2013

The General Assembly Web site is adding live video streaming that will allow viewers to watch up to four committee meetings at the same time, as well as House and Senate sessions.

The content will be archived for viewing through the Web site, according to a news release:

Currently, Capitol TV airs a live House session and taped the Senate session to broadcast after. Without web-streaming, the channel could only broadcast one live committee meeting at a time.

House Speaker Gordon Fox says, "It was important to me this year that we do what was necessary to make live streaming and archiving a real possibility. I'm also hopeful that this will encourage more civic participation and engagement in Rhode Island."

Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed says the update "will improve the transparency of the legislature. Live streaming and archiving of video is among the most significant steps we have taken to use technology to make it easier for the public to engage in the legislative process."

Streaming and archived video will be posted on the "Capitol TV" tab of the legislative Web site.