George Wein: Pete Seeger Is The Heart of the Newport Folk Festival

Jan 28, 2014

Newport Jazz and Folk Festival founder George Wein is calling folk legend Pete Seeger the heart and soul of the folk festival. Seeger was on the Newport Folk Festival’s first board, and Wein credits Seeger for re-starting the festival in 1963 after it fizzled out in 1960.

From the beginning, said Wein, all the young musicians wanted to be on stage with Seeger for that last song of the festival. “So his legacy, it is Pete’s place,” said Wein.  “That festival will always be dedicated to Pete Seeger because he was the one that gave it that incredible feeling that it has to this day.” 

Newport Folk Festival founder George Wein says Pete Seeger's legacy will be "the power of song."
Credit file / RIPR

Pete Seeger died Monday, he was 94-years-old. Catherine Welch, Rhode Island Public Radio.

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