GOP Files Complaint Over Raimondo Television Ad

Oct 2, 2014

The Rhode Island Republican Party has taken its complaint over a campaign commercial for gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo to the state Board of Elections.  Democrats insist they’re not doing anything wrong.

The state GOP is using an online video to highlight the similarity between one of Raimondo’s primary ads and one currently being aired by the state Democratic Party. While Senator Jack Reed makes a brief appearance in the latest spot, Republicans say the commercial is meant to help Raimondo. The GOP says that’s a problem since federal campaign funds can be spent only for federal candidates, not those seeking a state office like governor.

The head of Rhode Island Democrats’ coordinated campaign, state Representative Joe Shekarchi, says the Republicans are wrong, since the ad they’re criticizing is governed by federal law. Shekarchi says the ad will remain on TV until the end of its scheduled run later this week.

The state GOP has filed a complaint about the ad with the state Board of Elections.

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