GOP Small Businessman Plans to Challenge Langevin

Jan 8, 2014

Rhue Reis, a contractor from Saunderstown, plans to announce a Republican challenge to Congressman Jim Langevin on January 23.

Reis, a first-time candidate, outlines some of his issue stances on his Web site. He says Obamacare became law because Congress was "sold a bill of goods on false pretenses." Ress favors returning the power of the federal government "to what I believe the Founders envisioned it to be" and says the Second Amendment should "never be diminished."

He says "gay rights are civil rights" and says the government should not interfere in personal relations. Reis calls abortion "a regrettable choice for any woman," adding that he recognizes the US Supreme Court decision granting abortion rights. The Republican hopeful is a strong supporter of term limits and, without offering specifics, calls for the influence of big money in politics to be addressed.

Langevin has held a strong lock on the Second Congressional District seat since first winning it in 2000.

Reis' campaign is being managed by Mark Zaccaria, who made two unsuccessful runs against Langevin. Zaccaria says Reis is running because he's frustrated with the government's performance on the economy.