Gordon fuzzy on drunken driving record

PROVIDENCE, RI – State representative Dan Gordon is apologizing to the residents of his district for not disclosing a criminal past that includes convictions for assault and drunk driving. But he's refusing calls from both parties to resign, as well as a plea from Governor Lincoln Chafee.

Gordon called reporters to a Portsmouth street corner Wednesday morning and said he was sorry for concealing his criminal record, a past he blames on alcohol abuse stemming from his service in the first Gulf War.

"I made some terrible mistakes in my past when I was a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and part of my reason for moving to Rhode Island was to start with a clean slate," says Gordon.

Gordon was fuzzy on the details of his drunken driving arrest and how many times his license was suspended in Massachusetts. He says it was suspended two or three times, but that he couldn't remember.

Gordon says he supports a law that would require criminal background checks on legislative candidates, but believes everybody's entitled to a second chance. Gordon says the only way he would consider resigning were if there were a public outcry from his constituents.

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