Gov. Chafee Joins Obama In Connecticut Promoting Min Wage Increase

Mar 5, 2014

Governor Lincoln Chafee is among the New England governors who plan to join President Obama in Connecticut Wednesday to call for raising the minimum wage.  Democrats are emphasizing the minimum wage as part of their election-year strategy.

Gov. Chafee joins President Barack Obama in Connecticut to promote an increase in the federal minimum wage.
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

Chafee will join the governors of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont for a mid-day event at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain. The governor said he plans to emphasize how boosting the minimum wage is a way the government can help the middle class.

"Minimum wage is one component of helping the struggling middle class in this country, and certainly disparity of wealth is a growing issue. Not only is President Obama talking about it, the pope is talking about it globally," said Chafee.

Chafee says he supports a bill to raise Rhode Island’s minimum wage, now 8 dollars, to 10 dollars by 2016 and then index it to the rate of inflation.

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