Gov. Chafee: RI Taking a Methodical Approach to Improving the Economy

Feb 20, 2013

Gov. Lincoln Chafee says the findings in a new report are part of the process of improving Rhode Island’s economy.

The report centers on the state’s business climate and found Rhode Island has made some progress in cutting taxes but they’re still perceived as being a potential roadblock to attracting new business. It also found gaps in funding for start ups.

Credit RIPR file / RIPR

Chafee says the process is part of what he calls a methodical approach his administration is using to target a better economy.

“We’re building the economy the right way, and that’s as you’ve heard me say so many times before, education, infrastructure, workforce development,” says Chafee, “and helping the cities and towns drive down the property tax, the one that really is out of kilter with the rest of the country.”

Consultants hired by the state presented the findings Wednesday about Rhode Island’s economic landscape. The information will be incorporated into another report.

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