7:13 am
Wed July 24, 2013

Gov. Chafee Stands By Appointment of Mancuso As Interim Higher Ed Commissioner

Governor Lincoln Chafee says he stands behind his decision to appoint Eva Marie Mancuso as the state’s interim commissioner for higher education.  But Chafee says he knows the state Ethics Commission could scrap the appointment.

The state Board of Education is seeking a special exemption for Mancuso, who chairs the ed board, to become interim commissioner of higher education. The exemption is needed because public officials are prohibited from accepting an appointment requiring approval from a board of which they’re a member. Chafee said he knows the Ethics Commission may deny the exemption.

"I’m aware that there could be an adverse ruling from the Ethics Commission, so I want to be prepared in case that’s an eventuality, just aware that the revolving door, the waiver might not be granted," said Chafee.

Chafee said Mancuso has done a good job in chairing the board of education. But House Speaker Gordon Fox says he thinks Mancuso should stay in that position, and that Chafee should think of another choice for high ed commissioner.

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