Gov. Chafee taps Mancuso for Interim Commissioner of Higher Education

Jul 12, 2013

Gov. Lincoln Chafee is recommending that the chair of the state Board of Education give up that position to become the state Commissioner of Higher Education. The appointment would be full time, but only temporary while the board conducts a search for a permanent commissioner.

Gov. Chafee taps Board of Education chair Eva-Marie Mancuso for interim commissioner of higher education.
Credit file / RIPR

The governor said he chose board chair Eva-Marie Mancuso because he believes higher education needs full time leadership at this time.

Mancuso says she is thrilled at the chance to lead the state office of higher education, a post with a $200,000 salary.

Mancuso, who is an attorney, would take a break from her law practice and leave the state board of education. She says she sees the new post as an opportunity to make her mark on the state and lead higher education through a time of transition.

Mancuso's appointment must be approved by the full Board of Education. They're scheduled to vote on Monday.

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