Government Shutdown May Keep Students From Wanting To Enter Politics

Oct 21, 2013

A Providence College professor who has been using the government shutdown as a teaching tool says it has had a profound impact on his students.

Providence College professor Joseph Cammarano worries his students are less likely to want to join politics after the government shutdown.
Credit Courtesy Providence College

Political science professor Joseph Cammarano says his students are less likely to want to enter government service when they see the dysfunction in Washington.

"The saddest part is it makes them want to become involved in politics even less than they had before. Young people tend to stray away from politics because they don’t like yelling at each other. They like getting along. They want to have an impact that they can see. This has just made their tendency to stay away from politics even stronger," said Cammarano.

Cammarano warns that if Congress continues to refuse to negotiate the United States will eventually lose its superpower status.

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