Governor Lincoln Chafee Defends Report Secrecy

Mar 12, 2013

Governor Lincoln Chafee is trying to explain why he’s withholding a report that details waste, fraud and abuse in the state’s Medicaid and food stamp programs. The report was done by former Moderate Party gubernatorial candidate Ken Block.  Chafee says he asked Block to conduct the investigation about a year ago. But now that it’s done, the governor is refusing to release it.

Governor Lincoln Chafee
Credit Ian Donnis / RIPR

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Providence reporters asked why. "We asked for this report and now of course you don’t want to jeopardize an investigation by telling everybody where there might be some abuse. So this is a methodical approach to an efficient program of running the taxpayer’s dollars."

Chafee added "I want to make sure to protect the taxpayer dollars go after the abuse. If it helps the investigation to release it, definitely. If it harms the investigation, no."

In response to a reporter's question of "Is there a criminal investigation underway?"  the Governor replied "Not at this point."

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