Governor Lincoln Chafee Unveils New Budget Proposal

Jan 16, 2014

In delivering his last State of the State address Wednesday, Governor Lincoln Chafee said Rhode Island is headed toward better days.

The eight and a half billion dollar budget unveiled by Chafee avoids any broad-based taxes while investing in education and infrastructure.

Chafee spending plan includes more money for K-through-12 education and a tuition freeze at the state’s public colleges. In closing out his speech, the governor quoted pop singer Taylor Swift’s observation that the Ocean State is, quote, “a really good place.”

“There is no question this has been a difficult period for Rhode Island, but we are poised to emerge from it more resilient than before. Rhode Island is getting stronger with each week, each year, and that is the state of our state," said Chafee.

Legislative leaders were generally positive about Chafee’s budget, although they expressed concern about his plans to place four bond questions on the November ballot that could translate into more than 200 million dollars in state borrowing. Chafee calls the money a good investment.

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