Governor urges residents to prepare for Earl

Providence, R.I. – Governor Don Carcieri is urging residents to be as prepared as possible as Hurricane Earl makes its way toward the eastern coastline.

Carcieri says state officials will have a better sense Thursday morning whether to close schools, evacuate along the coast and open up shelters.

There are about 100 National Guard soldiers on alert and FEMA has deployed 50 people to Rhode Island ahead of the storm.

Residents in coastal and low lying areas definitely need to prepare, says Carcieri.

"If this storm tracks more to the west, we're going to need to have them get out of those areas. But we won't know that with a whole lot of certainty, they've got to be ready, prepared that they might have to go somewhere else."

Carcieri says areas impacted by the floods last spring could be flooded again if Earl dumps more than seven inches of rain on the state.