Grant allows Clean the Bay to haul more junk

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Clean the Bay will expand its services thanks to a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The $120,000 grant will allow the group to clear junk off the shores in Mount Hope Bay and up the Taunton River into the Fall River area.

Clean the Bay's Captain Joe Mariani said the type of debris they find in urban areas around Warwick and Providence is different than what they find along the southern coast.

" So any time we're near a port or a more industrial area we seem to find more tires, parts of old piers," said Mariani. "As we go down into areas like south county, Point Judith, we find typically more boats, small boats, docks."

Mariani said tires and abandoned boats are some of the most common objects.

Clean the Bay said it has removed more than 1,300 tons of debris from Rhode Island's shores.

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