Great fall lineup of health lectures…and theater (?!) at URI

Aug 23, 2012

You don’t have to take out a loan or pack up your parents’ hatchback to attend college this fall. The University of Rhode Island’s 50th annual fall honors colloquium includes a season of free public lectures on health care policy and politics. The lectures take place at 7:30 pm throughout the season on URI’s Kingston campus, but if you can’t make it, they’ll be streamed live, too.

The speaker roster includes some health care heavyweights like RI’s own head of the Dept. of Health, Dr. Michael Fine; Unni Karanukara, president of Doctors Without Borders; the head of the Mayo Clinic’s vaccine research group; and Yale obesity and food policy expert Roberta Friedman.

What’s cool about the colloquium is that it seems to be about engaging the whole campus in questions of health care and policy. The URI theater department is putting up “Marvin’s Room,” a play about “end of life” issues, plus a musical comedy by two doctors even appears on the schedule. It’s about time someone put on a musical comedy about health care! (If I’ve overlooked a gem from years past, please correct me.) And freshmen will be asked not only to read one of the presenter’s books but also to take on some kind of health care advocacy project. Apparently, the school has also challenged everyone to a little healthy competition, literally, to see which campus groups can walk the most steps, eat the healthiest, and get the most sleep. Note to URI: It’s college. Who sleeps?

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