Gun-Rights Supporters Out Spent in Exeter Recall

Feb 9, 2014

Campaign finance records show that gun-rights supporters were outspent during the recall of four Exeter town council members back in December.

Town Clerk's office in Exeter.
Credit Wikimedia Commons / RIPR

Back in December there was a special election to recall four Exeter town council members for their support of a move to take gun permitting out of the hands of the town clerk and let the attorney general’s office do the permitting.  

Once a petition collected enough signatures for the recall, town citizens formed Save Exeter. Finance reports show that Save Exeter raised $5,675. Some notable contributors include Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed and candidate for state treasurer Seth Magaziner. The group reports it spent all the money.

Meanwhile, finance reports show the gun-rights group “We the People” spent $3,967 in the last quarter.

Exeter residents voted in a margin of nearly 2-1 to keep all four town councilors.

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