Gun Violence Continues Recent Downward Trend In Providence

Mar 28, 2017

PA report from the city’s Advisory Council to Reduce Gun Violence released Monday says in 2016 Providence saw its fewest homicides in 30 years. 

It was also reported that the city saw a 37 percent decline in shootings from the previous year.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare attributed the decrease to some of the recommendations already produced by the advisory council.

“Providence Police took recommendations and ideas from the Advisory Council to further understand the travel of guns, the demographics of victims and suspects, and programs to educate and inform the scope of the gun violence in the city,” said Pare in a statement.

The 11-member council formed in 2015, this is the group’s inaugural report. In the report, the council encourages building stronger relationships between the Providence Police Department and community- based organizations. Groups like the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence already work to help diffuse conflicts in the city streets. The council suggests formalizing those ties across organizations and law enforcement.

The report also calls for the reinstatement of the city’s juvenile hearing board, which would help keep young people arrested for misdemeanors out of the court system. The group says creating more summer job opportunities for youth would help continue reducing gun violence.  A third recommendation would codify an amnesty policy, allowing individuals to turn in guns at police stations without fear of punishment.