Guns and lies

Feb 19, 2013

No word yet on how Rhode Island might address the growing debate about gun control and violence prevention. My colleague Ian Donnis and I have been covering the issue (see some related stories, below), and so far we know there's talk of proposing legislation (no details yet) and a vague working group of lawmakers and policymakers discussing the issues. Those issues probably include Rhode Island's participation in a national gun background check database and how to use mental health records when it comes to allowing firearms purchases.

"Firearms were the most common method used in homicides of males and females." - CDC

Meanwhile, facts about guns and gun violence seem to get lost in the larger debate. Here's a great example, from the people who brought you the ironically timed "Gun Appreciation Day" on January 19. They're back with a planned "Day of Resistance" (to what, I'm not sure) this month. Their web site encourages supporters to copy or share various cartoons and posters to promote the cause.

And this one caught my eye.

Credit Gun Appreciation Day

But here are the facts from the Centers for Disease Control's latest surveillance report on the cause of violent and intentional deaths in the U.S.:

"Firearms were used in 66.5% of homicides, followed by sharp instruments (12.9%) and blunt instruments (7.0%). No other single method was used in >3.7% of homicides. Firearms were the most common method used in homicides of males (72.1%) and females (48.8%)."