Haitians Celebrate May 18th

May 18, 2016

Bernard Georges of New Bridges for Haitian Success
Credit Chuck Hinman

In honor of Haiti’s historic revolution more than 200 years ago, Haitians will rally at the Rhode Island Statehouse Wednesday. The event is also aimed at strengthening a community estimated to number about 2,000 people.

Nonprofit New Bridges for Haitian Success, founded by Providence resident Bernard Georges, works with the Haitian community. Georges said he chose May 18th for the event because it coincides with an important date in Haitian history.

May 18th was the day in 1803 that residents of Saint-Domingue (the French name for the colony) created a flag for a new nation and decided to name this nation Haiti.

Haiti is the first and only nation in the world to have been liberated by slaves.

Georges describes arriving in Rhode Island at the age of 15, speaking no English and with no family other than a father he barely knew. He persevered, and eventually graduated from Roger Williams University with degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Administration.      

Georges founded the non-profit New Bridges for Haitian Success to serve the Haitian community and to build bridges between Haitians and the larger Providence population. 

There's more information at the organizations' web site:  http://www.newbridgesforhaitiansuccess.org/