Happy Match Day, Future Docs!

Mar 20, 2015

Today, medical students across the country found out where they'll be spending the next several years of their training, as a resident. It's called Match Day, and it's a celebration for many, the culmination of years of hard work.

At Rhode Island's only medical school, Brown University, around 100 students got matched, including Sarah Rapoport, a student I followed for a series I did a few years ago called "Future Docs." Sarah will be heading to Georgetown University Hospital for training in otolaryngology. Congratulations to her and her classmates!

Future Docs explored what it was like to become a doctor in a changing health care landscape. What do doctors in training need to know now that they might not have needed to know 10 years ago? How has medical school adapted to changing health care needs - from older, sicker patients to new ways of delivering care?

Some of these questions are still finding answers, I think, and still relevant. I invite you to get reacquainted with our Future Docs, and to join me in wishing them well in their next chapter. Find all 10 stories about Sarah and her colleague Peter Kaminski's journey, plus blog posts about graduate medical education, at http://ripr.org/programs/future-docs, or by clicking the "related stories" links below.