Hasbro Adds New Word To Official Scrabble Dictionary

Apr 11, 2014

Scrabble fans have voted and there is a new word to play for points. Starting Sunday “geocache” will count as a word and be included in the official Merriam Webster Scrabble Dictionary. Geocache, spelled G-E-O-C-A-C-H-E, is a verb meaning to find items in a treasure hunt using a GPS. Hasbro spokesperson Shawn Rowan said 'geocache' beat out 15 other nominated words.

Hasbro offices in downtown Providence.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

“There was “ew” which is sometimes used to express disgust or dismay. There was “zen”  ‘booyah” “nowish” as well. So there’s been a lot of really fun words that fans have contributed to this entire process,” said Rowan.

Hasbro says introducing new words is part of keeping the game current with the culture. “Geocache” will count as a word in the upcoming National Scrabble Championship and school tournament.

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