Head of CRMC to attend State of the Union

Feb 12, 2013

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be watching the State of the Union address tonight with a local advocate working to educate the state about the perils of climate change.

Grover Fugate has been warning about the effects of climate change in Rhode Island for years. The Executive Director of the Coastal Resources Management Council has been vocal about the impact climate change will have on the shoreline. He’s worked with Senator Whitehouse to help educate state officials and residents about addressing climate change. But Fugate says the Senator’s invite to attend the State of the Union caught him by surprise.

“I kept on saying to Sheldon Whitehouse’s staff, ‘Are you sure this is the one the President is speaking at?’”

Fugate says he is curious to see if President Barack Obama mentions climate change in his address. Fugate says the government needs to integrate the anticipated effects of climate change into each and every program it runs.

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