HealthSource RI: 33,000 Visits, Less Than 800 Sign Ups

Oct 11, 2013

HealthSource RI – Rhode Island’s online health insurance marketplace – has attracted more than 30,000 visits since launching on October 1st.

Nearly 40,000 people have called the exchange’s call center. And more than 33,000 have visited the web site.

But just a few thousand have taken the extra step to create an account. And less than 800 have actually completed an application – meaning they’ve selected a health plan, had their identity verified, and either paid for the plan or will soon.

That’s out of the roughly 124,000 Rhode Islanders who lack health insurance and are eligible to sign up for a plan on the exchange. But plans bought on the exchange don’t actually kick in until January 1st, so people still have time to shop for coverage and consider their options.