Hearthside House in Lincoln Prepares for Battle

Sep 13, 2013

Friday is the first day of a three-day Civil War battle and camp reenactment weekend in Lincoln's historic Hearthside mansion.

Thousands of spectators are expected to attend the biennial reenactment, this year it will be called "The Road to Richmond;" a reference to the Union Army's attempts at taking the Confederate capital.

Battle scenes at Hearthside Mansion in Lincoln.
Credit hearthsidehouse.org

David Olstein, the museum manager for Hearthside House Museum, described a typical battle reenactment.

"When the battle begins, you'll see the approaching armies face each other on the field, and you'll hear the calls of the orders being given by the commanders, and they'll also be cannon fire, and sometimes there's horses and swordplay, and then of course the actually have a firing where they actually fire at each other," said Olstein.

There will be a full-scale reenactment of the battle of Mine Run, and also tours of Hearthside and surrounding areas, which have been decorated to bring the visitors back to 1863.

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