Heavy Snowfalls Straining Municipal Budgets

Feb 17, 2014

The agencies responsible for keeping the roads clear in Rhode Island are having a challenging winter.

Plows clear snow in downtown Providence.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Providence’s Public Works Director, William Bombard, described this winter’s snowfall as above average, but says Providence still has plenty of resources to face any further storms.

“The numbers are, we’re about $800,000 into a $1.8 million budget, not counting the most recent storm," said Bombard.

In other Rhode Island cities, the road treatment budget has already been exceeded. Cranston has been running in the red, and South Kingstown just used up its budget responding to this last storm. Money issues aside, the municipal governments will continue treating the roads as usual.

Jon Schock, South Kingstown’s Public Service Director, said his agency is dipping into reserve funds.

"We have to continue to do our operations as we always do, you know we can’t stop plowing, we can’t stop using material," said Schock.

Providence, Cranston, and South Kingstown all expect that roads will be treated and cleaned as usual if more snow comes to the area.

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