Herb DeSimone Sr. and Richard Nixon

Dec 2, 2013

Herb DeSimone was a respected Rhode Island Republican politician and lawyer. He died last week after a long and distinguished career in the law and politics, having served as RI Attorney General, in the federal government during Richard Nixon’s administration and  twice was the GOP’s standard bearer for governor.

Said Gov. Lincoln Chafee: ``He was one of the original members of my father's (John Chafee) team. A long-time beloved colleague and family friend, he proudly served our state. During one of his two campaigns for governor, he proposed economic initiatives that years later became a reality and improved Rhode Island.''

DeSimone also had a role in the infamous White House tapes that helped put the coffin nail in Nixon’s presidency during the Watergate years of the 1970s.  DeSimone was mentioned in one of the backstage at the White House tapes that provided such a delicious window into the workings of Nixon’s presidency.

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