Higher Ed officials happy with budget proposal

Jan 18, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The state Office of Higher Education reaction to the Governor’s proposed budget is positive.  Special Assistant to the Commissioner Mike Trainor says officials are pleased that Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee’s budget increases spending for higher education.

"Commissioner DePasquale is gratified, very gratified, at the governor's continued strong support for public higher education."

“Well I know Commissioner DePasquale is gratified, very gratified, at the governor’s continued strong support for public higher education.  His addition of $6-million proposed in his budget for higher education is a continuation of his 3 year trend now to reverse the hemorrhaging of state aid to public higher education that occurred under the prior administration.”

“Under prior administrations there had been about a $42-million decrease in state financial aid to URI, Rhode Island College and CCRI.  And since Governor Chafee came into office I think about a-quarter of that has been restored. We’ve stopped that downward spiral and the governor’s made significant progress in re-establishing a sensible level of support by the state to our three colleges.”

Trainor also says states all around the country are in tough financial times and that Chafee has done all he can to ensure a level of support to Rhode Island’s public colleges and universities.

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