Hinckley accuses Whitehouse of hypocrisy on accepting special interest money

Aug 7, 2012

Republican challenger Barry Hinckley is faulting Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for decrying the influence of special interest money while having accepted more than $2 million in PAC money since his first Senate run in 2006.

The GOP candidate’s critique is described in the video above. Hinckley also staged a sidewalk news conference near Whitehouse’s Providence office this afternoon to amplify his message.

Whitehouse’s campaign manager, Tony Simon, didn’t respond to requests for comment. declined to respond directly to Hinckley’s accusation of hypocrisy. Simon called Whitehouse a leader in pushing for greater transparency on political contributions.

As a challenger facing an incumbent with a staggering financial advantage, Hinckley is trying to turn his opponent’s fundraising prowess into a liability. By contrast, Hinckley estimates he’s received roughly $10,000 to $20,000 in PAC contributions.