Hinckley says he’ll have enough money to get his message out against Whitehouse

Jul 12, 2012

Republican Barry Hinckley continues to lag far behind the fundraising pace set by Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, but Hinckley says he’ll have enough money to get his message out on the way to the November election.

Hinckley estimates he raised more than $260,000 during Q2, giving him cash on hand in the neighborhood of about $550,000. By contrast, Whitehouse’s campaign says it pulled in more than $450,000 during the quarter and has COH of more than $3.5 million.

“The good news for Rhode Island challengers like me is that it’s one media market,” Hinckley says. “So really we only need $800,000 for our entire television campaign, from Labor Day to Election Day, and that should get out message out there.”

Hinckley acknowledges that Whitehouse’s pile of money “looks ominous,” but he says he has a better message — “businessman versus government man.”

The Republican points to CNBC’s label of Rhode Island as the worst state for business as an example of how incumbent legislative Democrats aren’t getting the job done.

“I can use this position to make sure that we nudge Smith Hill to always be thinking about ways to grow our business sector,” Hinckley says, ”and right now with our delegation all in with the Democratic Party, they’re mute on the topic; they never push the ideas.”