Home-based RI Child Care Workers Overwhelmingly Approve To Unionize

Oct 31, 2013

State-subsidized, home-based child care providers have voted overwhelmingly to join a union.

The crowd cheered at the state Labor Relations Board when the results of the child care vote were announced. 390 voted to join the Service Employees International Union. 19 voted against it.

Robyn Golden, administrator for the Rhode Island Labor Relations Board counts ballots on union vote.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Although the vote gives the union the right to negotiate wages and benefits, child care provider Rosemary Raygada said their first demand will be greater professional development opportunities. “All we’re looking for is to make sure that we get as professionals what we need to serve our communities,” said Raygada. “Right now all we’re looking to get is the development, the training that we need and that everyone gets it in the language that they need it.”

The vote was denounced as fraudulent by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity.  The group has criticized the unionization of child care workers on the basis of the cost to taxpayers and the potential for reduced services.

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