Hoop experts picking up PC to upset UNC in NCAA

Mar 20, 2014

Upsets this time of year have become the norm for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. The hoop experts fall over each other to predict which underdog teams will knock off the favorites.

This year, a trendy pick has become the Providence College team which faces the University of North Carolina tomorrow evening in San Antonio. UNC is seeded at 6 and plays in the very tough Atlantic Coast Conference. PC is an 11 seed.

Providence competes in a reconfigured Big East Conference that is not as well-regarded as the ACC. But PC has momentum coming off the school’s first Big East championship since 1994.

So coach Ed Cooley’s team of overachievers who have overcome adversity all year are one of the five first-round upsets that have been widely predicted. The other New England team getting such attention is Harvard, which is seeded at 12 and tips off against 5 seeded team in Cincinnati.