Hop On Your Bike For National Bike To Work Day

May 16, 2013

Providence is among the cities that will observe National Bike to Work Day Friday.  A gathering at Burnside Park 8:00am Friday will include members of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition and will also include Mayor Angel Taveras.  The event is to show how biking is a healthy commute to work, said Matt Moritz the president of the Rhode Island Biking Coalition.

“We provide a free breakfast, as courtesy to our sponsors.. Breakfast and Coffee..  We invite the politicians to come out and recognize it’s not necessarily the easiest decision to make to choose to ride your bike to work every day, and we also use it as an opportunity to encourage new people to take up commuting and it’s not as hard as they might imagine, especially when you got a whole bunch of people who are willing to help you out,” said Moritz.

Mayor Angel Taveras will announce the dates and locations for a major biking event called the 2013 Providence Cyclovias. 

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