Hope High battle could go to RI Supreme Court

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Hope High School students fighting a schedule change want a conference with the State Supreme Court today. At issue is 190 minutes of weekly teacher planning time. A new schedule cut that time by nearly half. The state Board of Education ruled that violates state regulation But the board says the school can until September to fix the problem. Attorney Miriam Weizenbaum says that's unusual

"I have not been able to find another instance where a party has sought enforcement of their right before an agency," she says. "The agency has consistently affirmed that yes indeed you have that right and then has ruled that all the remedy that's left to you is eliminated.

Weizenbaum has asked the State Supreme Court to take up the case. She is hoping for a conference with the court this afternoon.

DISCLOSURE: Weizenbaum's law firm is a WRNI underwriter.

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