Hospitals Worry Medicaid Cuts Could Leave Them In The Red

Jan 23, 2014

We've been reporting on what the impacts might be if Governor Lincoln Chafee's proposed cuts to Medicaid take effect - for example, what's at stake for the state's nursing homes.

Here's another angle: hospitals. The governor's proposal would take about $19 million dollars from them. Doesn't sound like much in the grand scheme of things, does it? But Ed Quinlan, long time head of the Hospital Association of Rhode Island, says it is. I sat down with Quinlan to talk about why, and how Medicaid figures into hospital finances. Yawning? Consider this: the health of our hospitals - and everyone's ability to access care where and when we need it - depends on their ability to stay afloat, financially. And according to Quinlan, these proposed cuts may not sound big, but they'd come on top of an already precarious fiscal position. Have a listen.