House committee meets on bill to restore e-verify

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – More than 60 people attended a House Labor Committee meeting yesterday to debate illegal immigration. The focal point was a bill to restore former governor Don Carcieri's executive order on immigration.

Tea Party and Rhode Island Statewide Coalition members were among those backing stronger efforts to curb illegal immigration.

But immigration lawyer Roberto Gonzalez says Carcieri's executive order had left many Latinos frightened. He says he once told a woman to call police after a man in a van tried to lure her young daughter.

"And she said, Oh, Mr. Gonzalez, I'm afraid. The governor says that I can be picked up and arrested and then shipped out of this country, and what's my daughter going to do without me?'" Gonzalez says. "People are afraid to report crimes as a result of that executive order."

Governor Chafee rescinded his predecessor's executive order on immigration after taking office.

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