House discusses K-9 veterans' day

Feb 7, 2013

Credit US War Dogs Association

Since World War II, thousands of dogs have served the USA, though their contributions often go unnoticed. Yesterday, the Rhode Island House Veterans’ Affairs Committee considered a bill to set March 13th as a state-wide holiday, “K-9 Veterans’ Day.”

Ron Aiello, President of the United States War Dogs Association, says in the past 10 years, there have been approximately 600 to 700 dog teams in the Middle East at any one time.

“This type of service dog deserves some type of recognition, they’ve saved countless lives, they do it on a daily basis. You know, because we have military dogs throughout the whole country, we have police dogs in every city, we have search and rescues in every state, and they’re all doing a service for us, so why not honor them all.”

According to Aiello, four other states have already passed bills to commemorate K-9 Veterans on March 13th, including Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Michigan.

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