House Judiciary Committee to Consider Voter ID Compromise

Jun 18, 2013

A compromise measure in the Rhode Island House will require voters to show ID – but not photo ID – when they go to the polls. The bill will be the subject of a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday.

Democratic State Representative Larry Valencia of Richmond had introduced a bill to repeal the state’s voter ID law. Valencia says he opposes voter ID because he sees it as a barrier to voting. But the rep said his bill will be amended to address concerns on both sides of the issue.

"The compromise is just to stop voter ID where it is now before it’s implemented to the photo stage." said Valencia.

The passage of voter ID by Rhode Island’s overwhelmingly Democratic legislature in 2011 attracted national attention, since conservatives usually champion voter ID. Voters had to show some kind of non-photo ID last year as part of the law’s implementation.  As originally passed, the law would have required voters to show photo ID starting next year.

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