House Oversight Committee Meets For First Time With New Leadership

Apr 10, 2014

The House Oversight Committee will hold its first meeting Thursday since recently getting a new chairwoman.  The new chair has been a sharp critic of paying back bondholders who invested in failed video game company 38 Studios.

The House Oversight Committee meets for the first time since its leadership change.
Credit Don Boorman / RIPR

After winning his post last month, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello ousted his rival for the speakership, Michael Marcello, from the chairmanship of House Oversight. He replaced Marcello with Representative Karen MacBeth of Cumberland, who sharply criticized last year’s payment to bondholders in 38 Studios.

The Oversight committee is slated to discuss the status of a hearing related to 38 Studios set for Superior Court Friday. The topics include the potential release of depositions and the possibility of witnesses appearing before the Oversight Committee if they have not already been deposed.

Rhode Island taxpayers remain on the hook for about $90 million due to the failure of former Red Sox star Curt Schilling’s former video game company.

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